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The Best Sandwich Shops in Myrtle Beach

March 20, 2022

Nothing beats seafood when you're on a beach vacation- except, maybe, a good oceanside sandwich! No lunch screams "beach" to me quite like a sandwich enjoyed with a hearty side of sun and sand. Here are a few of the best sandwich shops in Myrtle Beach! 


Dagwood's Deli

Dagwood's is special because they make their own sub rolls on site daily. Grab a jumbo deli sandwich, some pub chips, or one of their other delicious offerings! 

Find out more: http://dagwoodsdeli.com/dagsb.htm 

Manny's Deli & Subs 

Manny's piles their subs high! They are affordable and have oodles of options. This local favorite makes great Ruebens. 

Find out more: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Deli/Mannys-New-York-Style-Deli-Subs-187928694578634/


Pulaski Deli 

Pulaski is an authentic Polish deli and grocery store. They have wonderful, soft bread that creates the perfect base for a scrumptious sandwich. They also make their own sausages! 

Find out more: https://www.pulaski-deli.com/ 

Toffino's Italian Bakery & Deli 

Head to Toffino's for Italian pastries, pizza, and sandwiches on homemade bread. Don't miss the Italian hoagies! 

Find out more: https://www.toffinositalian.com/ 



Melt is a "rock n roll" sandwich shop with unique creations! They have grilled sandwiches such as a fried fish grilled cheese as well as excellent pizza. 

Find out more: https://www.meltmb.com/ 

Burky's Grill

Burky's Grill is a 1950s-themed restaurant with tasty milkshakes and great grilled cheeses! The music and atmosphere are super fun! 

Find out more: https://www.burkysgrill.com/ 

What's your favorite sandwich shop in Myrtle Beach? Tell us in the comments! 

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