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Where to Find Mocktails in Myrtle Beach

February 29, 2024

There are plenty of reasons you might want a mocktail. Whether you're abstaining from alcohol for health reasons, participating in a Dry January challenge, or just not in the mood for a drink, there are plenty of places to enjoy mocktails in Myrtle Beach. Here are some tips on where to find good alcohol-free drinks! 


Tidal Creek Brewing: Tidal Creek's menu boasts wine, spirits, mocktails, refreshers, soft drinks, and coffee. 

JEM Social: In honor of Dry January, JEM Social is offering specialty mocktails. Check out their menu and see what sounds good! 

Margaritaville: Don't let the name fool you - Margaritaville has a variety of great, non-alcoholic drinks on the menu. 


The Chemist - Craft Cocktails and Modern Cuisine: The Chemist is a cool, modern spot for imaginative food and drinks. Their menu doesn't explicitly mention mocktails, but since they are an establishment with a craft cocktail focus, they should be able to concoct something exciting for you!

Restaurants and bars with a focus on craft cocktails are more likely to be able to accommodate special requests. Ask your server for suggestions! 

Strong Waters Craft Cocktails and Kitchen: Strong Waters is another craft cocktail bar without an established mocktail menu. They can easily innovate something that you'll enjoy - sans alcohol, of course!  

What is your favorite place to get a mocktail in Myrtle Beach? Tell us in the comments!